Discover the Soca river up close and personal

Discover the Soca river up close and personal

10/13/2019 Off By Uredništvo

What’s the better way than exploring the river from the river itself? Especially with beautiful rivers such as Soca, the option is enthralling enough to spawn an all-encompassing offer of tours. If you’re into new experiences in the middle of the nature, you’re in luck!

One of the options is rafting. Bovec and other towns along the river have a wide variety of rafting tours on offer, so you’ll not be bored even if you stick just to rafting. You can go explore the calm waters or try white water rafting – Bovec is situated conveniently among the rapids and slower parts so it can offer different experiences. Rafting is great for family and groups, but can also be done in pairs or even solo. You just have to find the right starting point with the best offer for rafting – Bovec has you covered, with a wide variety of organized tours as well as equipment rentals and transportation.

Rafting can be fun, but it might not be the best way to discover the beauties of the river. There is another ideal way to explore the Soca river – kayaking. It’s also quite popular, but not so much among the crowd that pursues thrilling group experiences. You can enjoy Soca river kayaking alone or in a small group, definitely not confined to the same boat with a dozen of adrenaline pumped adventurers. Soca river kayaking is the ideal option for the experienced kayakers that will organize their own trip, but there are also guided tours and even kayaking school for beginners. 

You’re not limited to discover Soca river kayaking or rafting only. Go to the riverbank on foot, explore it from the bridges and roads, maybe even mountains. If you’re not discouraged by the cold, you can even swim in it!