Creative ways to explore the Soca river

Creative ways to explore the Soca river

09/07/2020 Off By Uredništvo

Soca river is a natural beauty, which is a reason enough to visit the Soca valley. But the towns in this regions offer much more than that – you will find many options to explore the river up close, especially in Bovec, which is a tourist center of the valley. It’s worth browsing among some creative options, not just the most popular.

One of the all-around great activities is Soca river kayaking. Exploring the river in a kayak is a special experience that will take you very close to the water and present you a completely different perspective than other activities. Besides, Soca river kayaking opens up a whole range of possibilities, you can enjoy any part of the river, not only those that are attractive for rafting and other popular activities. That’s not to say Soca river kayaking is not popular, which is also an advantage in a way – there are many guided tours, even kayaking schools, and other options available at the local tourist agencies.

If you’re looking for a completely unique experience, you can try hydrospeed. Bovec offers all kinds of activities, but the popular ones are the most prominent. For hydrospeed, Bovec will offer great options at the larger tourist agencies. It’s worth checking out if you find a good option. In contrast to rafting and kayaking, hydrospeed will take you even closer to the water, actually you’ll go straight into the river! This is why for hydrospeed Bovec is the ideal option – it offers professionally guided tours that are safe and exciting, in every case ensuring you a unique experience!

There are other creative ways to explore the river. You can find some options on your own, just taking a walk in the nature, or check out the offer of the tourist agencies.